About This Site

Unlike my other sites, this is not a professional site - rather this is my personal part of the Internet: a place where I can just host anything I prefer - articles, thoughts, ideas and anything beyond the realms of a framework. Maybe, you would like to know about my other sites

  • Indezine speaks about presentations, graphics and multimedia.
  • Ppted sells presentation templates and backgrounds.

I plan to remove most of the stuff from this site soon, and add some new content. Almost everything you see is 10 years old!

I love doodling on the computer - click here to see a few examples of work accomplished using Metacreations Painter (now, Corel Painter).

You can download two fun screen savers I created using Digital Workshop's Fandango - here they are:

Sky Phones | Star Skies

Just started adding some digipics - view them here:

Ooty | Kolkata | Coorg/Mysore | Goa

Check this page often and we'll discover how it evolves!